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Hair Restoration Drug Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Physicians Hair Restoration offers drug therapy hair restoration to the residents of Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Propecia® (Finasteride)

Propecia® (finasteride) is the most effective medication to treat male hair loss available on the market today. Studies examining its effectiveness over five years found ninety percent (90%) of subjects experienced hair stability while on the drug and forty-eight percent (48%) of these actually experienced an increase in hair growth (compared with nineteen percent [19%] stability and a six percent [6%] increase in hair growth on the placebo.) Propecia® (finasteride) is an oral medication taken once a day with meals. It must be taken for at least a year to determine its effectiveness, and often, within the first six months, patients on it will experience increased hair loss as thinning hair is replaced by new, healthier hair.

Due to the effect of the drug on a developing male fetus, it should never be taken or handled by pregnant or potentially pregnant women. Studies with post-menopausal women showed no hair growth benefit, so it is not prescribed for female hair loss.

Rogaine® (Minoxidil)

Rogaine® (minoxidil) is a topical drug applied directly to the scalp area where hair loss is occurring. The drug manufacturers recommend that it be applied twice a day, although studies show the effects last 22 hours and thus applying it once a day is almost as effective. Studies show that after 48 weeks of use over seventy percent (70%) of male test subjects and eighty percent (80%) of female test subjects showed stabilization in their rate of hair loss.

Male uses of Rogaine® (minoxidil) are prescribed a five-percent (5%) solution, while a two-percent (2%) solution is approved for women. Although the five-percent solution is more than twice as effective, studies show that women are more sensitive to the side effects, including hypotension (lowered blood pressure), and are more likely to have an allergic reaction.

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What is the Cost of Drug Therapy (Propecia®) (Rogaine®) in Charlotte?

We will discuss the cost of Propecia® and Rogaine® with you at your consultation. The Refine Institute accepts Care Credit, United Medical Credit and Medical Financing as financing options. Also be sure to check out the PHR Pricing Advantage.

When you choose to undergo hair restoration, finding the right doctor is crucial to the success of your procedure. At Physicians Hair Restoration we offer highly qualified services to residents and visitors in Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.

We offer the highest level of patient care available by customizing each treatment plan for the patient’s unique needs and concerns. Our clients love their new aesthetics, self-confidence, and outlook on life!

Written by Dr. Broc Pratt