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Hair Loss in Kannapolis, NC

Physicians Hair Restoration offers hair restoration for residents of Kannapolis, NC. If you live in Kannapolis and are beginning to see signs of hair loss, don’t let fears cripple you. You may be worried, but hair loss is something that happens to many but can be regulated to an extent. Before you panic, learn a little about hair loss:

What Causes Hair Loss?
Aside from illness-related factors like chemotherapy and some endocrine disorders, hair loss can be caused be hereditary factors. Hair tends to thin as people grow older. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs per day. The number just seems to increase with age.

How Is Hair Loss Treated?
There are many effective ways to treat hair loss. If hair loss is caused by a medical condition, proper medication will help. If it’s merely a consequence of aging, there are other procedures that can be performed. Hair transplant surgery can be performed. This increases the amount of hair on the head. Scalp reduction is another alternative.

What is the Cost of a Hair Loss Treatment in Kannapolis?

The price of hair loss treatment varies for each person. The cost depends on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your individual appearance goal. The Refine Institute accepts Care Credit, United Medical Credit and Medical Financing as financing options. Also be sure to check out the PHR Pricing Advantage.

About Physicians Hair Restoration
At Physicians Hair Restoration, we are committed to increasing your quality of life through hair improvement. If you have hair loss in Kannapolis, NC, we will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have – don’t delay your happiness! Call today!


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Written by Dr. Broc Pratt