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Hair Loss in Rock Hill, SC

What Causes Hair Loss?

Residents of Rock Hill, SC can treat hair loss with help from Physicians Hair Restoration. Hair loss is often an inherited problem common for men, though it can also be caused by stress and the hormone changes associated with menopause in women.

How Is Hair Loss Treated?

Different types of hair loss require different treatment options. Physicians Hair Restoration treats hair loss in Rock Hill, SC residents with options that range from drug therapy and grafts from the sides and back of the head for pattern hair loss to pioneering techniques like laser hair therapy for stopping the early stages of hair loss. We also works with women to provide hormone based therapy to stop hair loss caused by a common hormone imbalance.

What is the Cost of a Hair Loss Treatment in Rock Hill?

The price of hair loss treatment varies for each person. The cost depends on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your individual appearance goal. The Refine Institute accepts Care Credit, United Medical Credit and Medical Financing as financing options. Also be sure to check out the PHR Pricing Advantage.

About Physicians Hair Restoration

Physicians Hair Restoration works with residents of Rock Hill, NC to treat hair loss through a variety of methods. We have over twenty-five years of experience helping customers restore their lost hair lines through both time-tested and cutting edge treatment methods. Visit Physicians Hair Restoration to develop a personalized plan for dealing with all levels of hair loss.


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Written by Dr. Broc Pratt