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NeoGraft: Life’s Game Changer

NeoGraft Physicians Hair Restoration, Charlotte NCFor patients who suffer from the embarrassment and effects of damaged self-esteem from hair loss, but who do not want to undergo an extensive type of hair restoration treatment, NeoGraft may be the ideal option for patients who desire something less invasive than traditional hair restoration procedures.

NeoGraft, considered “game changing” technology for hair loss patients, is the first minimally invasive automated hair transplant system designed to enhance a person’s overall appearance by building a thicker, fuller head of hair.

There are many benefits of NeoGraft, making it one of the most popular choices among hair restoration patients:

• NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure of its kind.

• There are no scalpel incisions, sutures or linear scars required.

• Hair restoration physicians can treat large areas in a single session, which reduces the need for multiple procedures.

• Because of its minimally invasive approach, NeoGraft offers fast recovery — faster than many other hair restoration procedures.

• NeoGraft can be more cost effective than manual follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures.

Perhaps most importantly, NeoGraft was designed to help the physician overcome some of the limitations often experienced with manual FUE procedures. For starters, an FUE transplant performed without the NeoGraft automated hair transplant system is done manually, which is quite time consuming and tedious for the physician, and ultimately results in higher costs to the patient. In addition, the FUE procedure can be difficult for some physicians to learn, and unless he or she is especially skilled, there is a risk for a high transection rate of the follicles. Finally, procedures done without the NeoGraft system require the use of forceps, which can damage the follicles during extraction and implantation. As a result of all of these restrictions, most physicians will opt to use the more invasive and costly follicular unit transplantation, or FUT, method.

However, FUE procedures performed with the NeoGraft automated system device can be done in the same amount of time as a FUT/STRIP method, which reduces the cost. Additionally, NeoGraft employs a “no touch” approach, as it uses pneumatic pressure to extract and implant the follicles, eliminating the need for forceps that can cause damage. And, the transection rate is very low during NeoGraft procedures.

The NeoGraft automated hair transplant device allows the physician to offer the latest and most advanced method of hair restoration while overcoming many of the boundaries in place with traditional FUE methods. And patients can be assured of undergoing the best in hair restorative techniques without enduring a prolonged recovery period, high costs, or extensive healing.

Written by Dr. Broc Pratt

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