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The PHR Method

The Physicians Hair Restoration Method

In nature, some hair follicles stand-alone while others are grouped together as neighbors or bundles of two, three, and once in a while, four hairs. These are called follicular units or FUs. These natural groupings are left intact so that they may better thrive and look more natural in the recipient area. The use of high-powered microscopes allows excess tissue from the FUs while preserving the vital structures necessary for growth (pilosebaceous gland and follicle) so they can be placed 1/1.5 mm apart, a density and distribution appropriate for a mature individual’s hairline.



We use as many as 2,500 microscopically dissected follicular units (FUs). A follicular unit (FU) is defined as one to four naturally occurring hair follicles, bundled together. The number of hairs in each follicular unit is determined by the existing growth pattern in the donor sites. Our goal is to move the maximum amount of hairs per session (3,000 to 4,000) and provide natural results while preserving the integrity on the donor site.

Our goal is to create a natural hairline in one session. In other words, it should not take another session to create naturalness, but if the patient would like to increase density an additional procedure may be performed with that goal. The procedure is individually designed for that particular patient and we partner together to achieve what the patient desires.

Our method, in combination with the Physicians Hair Restoration Pricing Advantage, provides our patients with confidence in both the outcome and the value of the procedure they are investing.

Written by Dr. Broc Pratt